My Aha Moment on How to Find Inner Peace

When I let go of what I am I become what I might be Lao Tzu

The other day I had a really nice realization, an Aha Moment, as Oprah would say, about my yearning how to find inner peace.  It was this:

My mind creates my problems. I am working on correcting my mind. Therefore I will get better. The end.

I was so grateful for this realization!! 😀

My suffering is the result of believing my thoughts. Simply put, my task is to dis-identify with my thoughts. This is can do. I can practice every day! It’s a lot of fun too, because it directly benefits me and makes me feel better right now! 😀

My happiness is not outside my control. I am not at the mercy of outside forces. I am not powerless. By practicing mindfulness and living in the present, I am making great strides. Continue reading “My Aha Moment on How to Find Inner Peace”