When You Realize You are Complete Now, You are Free

This passage brought me so much comfort today:

Eckhart Tolle you are complete now

Moving Deeply into the Now

In the absence of psychological time, your sense of self is derived from Being, not from your personal past. Therefore, the psychological need to become anything other than who you already are is no longer there. In the world, on the level of your life situation, you may indeed become wealthy, knowledgeable, successful, free of this or that, but in the deeper dimension of Being you are complete and whole now. Continue reading “When You Realize You are Complete Now, You are Free”

Choosing not to freak out

I read Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” a few times when I was younger.  This man lost his entire family and survived a Nazi concentration camp, despite tremendous odds.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing the last of the human freedoms to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose ones own way Viktor Frankl

His message of choosing one’s response to any set of difficult circumstances resonated deeply with me, and still does today. Continue reading “Choosing not to freak out”

My Aha Moment on How to Find Inner Peace

When I let go of what I am I become what I might be Lao Tzu

The other day I had a really nice realization, an Aha Moment, as Oprah would say, about my yearning how to find inner peace.  It was this:

My mind creates my problems. I am working on correcting my mind. Therefore I will get better. The end.

I was so grateful for this realization!! 😀

My suffering is the result of believing my thoughts. Simply put, my task is to dis-identify with my thoughts. This is can do. I can practice every day! It’s a lot of fun too, because it directly benefits me and makes me feel better right now! 😀

My happiness is not outside my control. I am not at the mercy of outside forces. I am not powerless. By practicing mindfulness and living in the present, I am making great strides. Continue reading “My Aha Moment on How to Find Inner Peace”

Finding Inner Peace By Watching The Thinker at Work

The single most vital step on your journey toward enlightenment is this learn to disidentify from your mind Eckhart Tolle

Yesterday at work I did a lot of watching myself- watching the thinker– and tried not to get caught up in my ego whenever possible.  I made the decision to pay attention to my thoughts all day, as a spiritual practice, to help have inner peace in my day.

“The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.” -Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

On my drive into work, I made sure to notice my breathing and tried to feel my inner body. I also paid attention to what was going on around me during the commute- the other drivers, the houses all around me,  and the great outdoors. The morning sunlight cast a beautiful glow over everything, and the sky was bright blue and cloudless.

My mind wanted to wander as it always does, but I was able to catch it and bring myself back to the present moment and my drive. Continue reading “Finding Inner Peace By Watching The Thinker at Work”

Mindfulness and the mean check out lady

a problem is a chance for you to do your best Duke Ellington

The grocery store in my town is huge, and it’s always really crowded on weekends, which is when I usually have to go.

I am by nature a pretty impatient person, and everything about that store triggers me. I used to go there and just hate every minute of it:  From the full parking lot, to the rude people, to the narrow aisles and the long lines, to running into nosy neighbors, you name it. I just hated it. Continue reading “Mindfulness and the mean check out lady”

Eckhart Tolle is Teaching Me How to Be Kind to My Mother-in-Law

the past has no power over the present moment eckhart tolle

I noticed quite by accident the other day that I’m becoming a nicer person. And I give all the credit to Eckhart Tolle. Learning how to be kind to people that hurt me in the past has not been my strong suit. 

Last Saturday was a beautiful spring day, and also one of the first days in recent history that Bob felt well, so we decided to take a drive up to visit our son at school to take him out to dinner. His college is only an hour and a half away. Oh yeah, and we brought my mother-in-law with us.

It was actually my idea to invite her. Dottie is in her 80’s and healthy. She is a perfectly nice person. But as her daughter-in-law, we have not had much a friendly and loving relationship in my 21 year marriage to her son. We are cordial, but have never been close. Although we live in the same town, we have never gone out to lunch or gone shopping or done anything together (and it was not for lack of me trying). Continue reading “Eckhart Tolle is Teaching Me How to Be Kind to My Mother-in-Law”