What A Stranger Taught Me About How to Be Happy Today

when people i meet in everyday life teach the qualities I want in myself

Today I took a much-needed day off from work. When I took my dog Buddy for an early morning walk, I noticed I was feeling a little blue. Little did I know I would soon have a very nice lesson in how to be happy today.

I haven’t been to a yoga class in months, since the teacher who I really liked left the gym where I go. But I really love and miss yoga, and since I wasn’t feeling great to begin with, I thought it would be nice to treat myself to a class… Continue reading “What A Stranger Taught Me About How to Be Happy Today”

21 Inspiring Quotes on How to Enjoy Life

aa milne my favorite day quote

Once you’ve lived long enough you start to notice that life comes with lots of upsets and loss and disappointments. Of course there are good times and joys, but unfortunately, no one ever escapes hardship and loss. As you know, my husband’s recent setback with his health threw me for a loop. He’s doing better now, thank God.

So even though life can be tough, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still strive to enjoy life and be happy. Making the best of what you have and living life being positive and upbeat turns good times into great times, and helps keeps you going when things seem bleak.

In that spirit, today I’d like to share 21 motivating and thought-provoking quotes on enjoying life. I hope you’ll find something inspiring and helpful for you today. Continue reading “21 Inspiring Quotes on How to Enjoy Life”

Spiritual inspiration at the gym

This morning I went to a spinning class at the gym. That is where you ride on stationary bikes in a few different positions and resistance levels for about an hour, all to loud music.  You hope the music is good and the instructor is decent, because frankly it’s not pleasant at times, it can be hard work. You sweat your ass off, but once the class is over, you’re really glad you did it.

Little did I know I was in for some spiritual inspiration… Continue reading “Spiritual inspiration at the gym”