Mindfulness Meditation and an Unexpected Early Morning Blessing

mindfulness helps get you back

Yesterday morning on my commute into work I was trying to decide what CD to listen to-  Byron Katie’s A Thousand Names for Joy, or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I love both of them and often switch back and forth. So I couldn’t make up my mind and was just driving along silently. It was a hurried morning and I ended up rushing out the door. I couldn’t make my hair behave and so it took longer than usual to style. Because of that I missed my usual 5 minute morning mindfulness meditation. 🙁

So I was still feeling a bit frazzled from that when I got into the car. As I continued on my commute in silence I just took slow easy, mindful breaths. I focused on the feeling of the cool air on my nostrils and just followed the flow of the breath as it gently expanded my chest and belly. I continued following my breath through to a slow, long exhale… Continue reading “Mindfulness Meditation and an Unexpected Early Morning Blessing”

Don’t Wait to Be Happy

you are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

Last Friday morning at work my friend got a news alert on her phone about a big explosion at a manufacturing plant in a nearby town. Later in the day we learned that there were two people seriously injured in the explosion and lost their legs. Both of the men were air lifted out to have emergency surgery to try to save their lives. Continue reading “Don’t Wait to Be Happy”