Little by little we are healing

In the days after I realized how emotionally depressed my son was I found myself in a lot of fear. Terror actually. I felt like my whole world was falling apart. But then I slowly began to connect with others. Other mothers who had been through their children’s traumas. Other people who had survived their own depression and anxiety.

Fear not little flock for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom

One thing I told myself when all this happened- I was NOT going to isolate from others. Years ago I would have held all this pain in and carried it around in me like a big dark secret. But I have learned that keeping secrets keeps you sick.

I am not going around shouting my miseries and woes to everyone and anyone. But it is important for me to share my life and what I am going through with others who are close to me- my friends and family. Continue reading “Little by little we are healing”

How to Bring Good Energy Into Your Home Today

You are responsible for the energy you bring into your homeDid you know that the people around you can sense your energy? This happens mostly on a subconscious level. But it affects how people relate to you and feel about you.

You are responsible for the energy you bring into your home.

That is one of those things that everyone seems to get on a certain level, but no one really knows HOW to do it. Today I’ll show you 🙂 Continue reading “How to Bring Good Energy Into Your Home Today”

An Open Letter to My Son on His 20th Birthday

I am so grateful that its never too late to make things better

My son is 20 years old today. I can’t believe it. It really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that he was a little boy.

He is coming home from his sophomore year at college at the end of this week. They sure weren’t kidding when they say that time goes by fast. I feel like it was just yesterday he was still in high school and we were helping him decide what school to go to.

He is really turning out to be a nice young man. I have all kinds of feelings about this. Guilt for things I could have done better. Relief that he got through the angst of those earlier years. Pride that he grew up well balanced, despite all our family’s (my) shortcomings… And tremendous Hope for his bright future… Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Son on His 20th Birthday”