The Challenges of Dealing With My Bipolar Husband When He Acts Out

My husband struggles with bipolar disorder and doesn’t choose to get treatment for it. Because of this, his job, the pain and issues with his Crohn’s disease- and just life in general – can really get to him sometimes.

A big piece of my spiritual practice and emotional healing is learning how not to get sucked into his drama. I am learning to connect with my center and stay grounded, even when he acts chaotic and irrational.

Since I have learned how to be mindful and how to live in the present, I am learning to just let him be and not judge or condemn him too much. But dealing with my husband, when his bipolar rears it’s ugly head, is a continual challenge.dealing with bipolar husband

This past weekend was pretty tough. Bob was working on a detailed project in the driveway and garage: he purchased a used boat recently and has been fixing it up. He loves to work on projects, that’s his hobby. Continue reading “The Challenges of Dealing With My Bipolar Husband When He Acts Out”

And… He’s sick again

life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain

Can’t believe this shit. I really thought once the Crohn’s flare up was past, he’d be feeling better and get back to his life. He had 2 good, normal days and now he’s sick again. 🙁

I get scared when he’s so exhausted. It’s 2:10pm on Saturday and he’s dead asleep on the couch. He woke up this morning, tried to putter around and had to lay down by around 10 am. This after sleeping all night. I feel so bad for him. At least he’s not having stomach pain. Continue reading “And… He’s sick again”