Healing Shower Meditation to Wash Away Your Fears, Stress & Anxiety

healing shower meditationHave you ever noticed in your daily life how many little rituals you do without even really thinking about them? For instance, everyday you get up, do your morning routine, go to work or school, have your lunch, etc., etc.

Once you start living in a mindful way, these daily rituals can be incorporated in your mindfulness practice to help you feel better on the spot. Which is very, very cool 🙂

Today let’s put our focus and attention on the present while taking a nice warm shower. This is a Healing Shower Meditation and you are doing this as a gift to yourself. This will wash away your fears, stress and anxiety, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!

Give yourself at least a good 20 minutes for this shower meditation and try not to rush.

Once you’re in the bathroom and undressed, take a slow, mindful breath. Feel the coolness of the air in your nostrils as you inhale, and feel your chest and belly expand. Inhale until you feel full and hold for a second or two longer. When you’re ready, slowly exhale. Notice how your chest and belly return to their resting state as the air is exhaled. Be sure to exhale fully. Pause for a second or two and notice when you feel you need to inhale again.

Continue to breathe in this slow, purposeful way for a few moments.

Now you’re ready for your shower. Feel the hardness of the faucet as you use your hand to turn on the shower.  Listen to the sound of the water as it starts to beat against the shower curtain. See if you can watch some beads of water as they hit the shower tile and fall to the earth. As you adjust the temperature, feel the water on your hand as it goes from cold to hot to just right.

Once the temperature is good, step into the shower and listen to the sound of the shower curtain being pulled closed.

Now just stand and feel the water as it runs over your body. Stand up straight. Take a minute and be grateful for this shower. How wonderful it is to feel this water, how nice and soothing. Maybe you want to put your head directly under the shower head and let the water run through your hair.

As you stand there nice and tall, see if you can focus on how the water feels as it runs over your various body parts. How your hands go up and help the water as it runs through your hair. Breathe in and see if you can notice the moistness of the tiny droplets of water as you inhale. How cool that feels.

Envision the power of the shower water, and imagine you are being showered in goodness, peace, health, and well-being.

As you lather up notice the pleasant smell of the soap. Notice how nice it feels to use your hands or sponge or washcloth to lather up your hair and body.

As you wash and rinse and clean your body, picture that you are washing away fear, anger, stress and all negativity. Just like magic.

Listen to the sound of the water as it swirls into the drain below you. Envision all that negativity being rinsed away and out of your being along with the soapy water.

Relax deeper and deeper into the feel of the shower and into the image of you becoming more peaceful, healthy, and light while at the same time your stress, anger, fear and negativity are being rinsed away.

See if you can try to use all your senses- feel the water, the hardness of the ground under your feet, the feel of the washcloth, the soap, the shampoo, the feel of your wet hair on your neck and back. See the sights from within the shower, maybe the light coming from above. Hear the sounds of the water, smell the smells, and maybe even have a taste of the water. Enjoy this gift you are giving yourself right now.

When you’re all done, turn off the water.

Notice the texture and dryness of the rug or bathmat on your feet as you step out of the shower. Notice the coolness of your wet skin, as the air hits your body.

Now take your soft towel and indulge your senses as you dry off your body from head to foot.

As you towel off your body, take a moment to appreciate it. Silently thank your eyes as you dry them for their gift of sight. Thank your neck for holding you up. Thank your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your abdomen, your pelvis, your thighs, your legs, and your feet.

Take a moment to be grateful for this time you have given yourself. Feel how nice it feels to be clean and light and invigorated.

Let your time in the shower be a special time of meditation and mindfulness for you. Enjoy using your senses and being there fully.  Give yourself this gift any time you need a pick me up.

I hope you enjoyed your special healing shower! 🙂


Lisa Arcelia

Thank you for reading!

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Author: Lisa Arcelia

I love showing how to find real happiness and inner peace in this busy and challenging world :)

8 thoughts on “Healing Shower Meditation to Wash Away Your Fears, Stress & Anxiety”

    1. That’s the cool thing about being mindful Nellwyn, you can take any activity and make it something special and healing. Thank you for the comment 🙂

    1. Thanks RaNesha, it is! If you can remember any part of this during your shower, it will help you feel better fast. Love and light to you, and thank you for the comment! 🙂

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