Mindfulness Meditation and an Unexpected Early Morning Blessing

mindfulness helps get you back

Yesterday morning on my commute into work I was trying to decide what CD to listen to-  Byron Katie’s A Thousand Names for Joy, or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I love both of them and often switch back and forth. So I couldn’t make up my mind and was just driving along silently. It was a hurried morning and I ended up rushing out the door. I couldn’t make my hair behave and so it took longer than usual to style. Because of that I missed my usual 5 minute morning mindfulness meditation. 🙁

So I was still feeling a bit frazzled from that when I got into the car. As I continued on my commute in silence I just took slow easy, mindful breaths. I focused on the feeling of the cool air on my nostrils and just followed the flow of the breath as it gently expanded my chest and belly. I continued following my breath through to a slow, long exhale…

I continued on like this for a few moments of meditation and became aware of how peaceful I felt. It dawned on me that I really wasn’t feeling my usual morning angst at all. I have always had a nervous disposition and listening to my audio CDs on my morning commute has been a great way to slow down my racing thought and keep myself calm and balanced.

But yesterday I noticed I didn’t need to listen to the CDs to feel calm. I was able to do it on my own, just by sitting in silence and driving while doing a little mindful breathing 🙂 True, I left the house a bit later than usual, but it didn’t throw me into a tailspin and I wasn’t driving like a maniac to make it into work on time. I was a little rushed, I sat with it, it passed, and I continued on. Calmly 🙂

It was such a wondrous and happy thing to realize. Suddenly I was overcome with gratitude. This morning was such a blessing! How fortunate I am to have a job that I like and audio CDs that help me, and wonderful tools like mindfulness and meditation. The effects really are cumulative. I have gotten to the point where I kind of automatically just love to sit in silence and breathe. Thank God for that!! 😀

It was a beautiful, glorious May morning. I work at a little community hospital in a farming, artsy town and the commute in is a lot of back roads, and it is absolutely beautiful. I was so happy to witness the trees on the sides of the road waking up with their bright green spring leaves, and the birds all over flying here and there. I passed by the usual things and took notice of cute little goats and donkey at the Wright Family farm- the goats have little beards and horns and they look like cute little devils. They live in their pen with a big donkey. They are well cared for. As I drove by they were eating their morning hay.

I saw a few early morning joggers and felt glad for them. I know that feeling of pounding the pavement and how it feels almost holy first thing in the morning.

Such a thing to be be fortunate enough to bear witness to these things and be at peace, and no longer drive into work blaring loud music and with my mind in a million different places, everywhere but the present.

It was a beautiful sunny May morning and I didn’t miss any of it. I was there. I was present. I saw everything. What a gift it is to be mindful! 🙂what a gift it is to be mindful

And that noticing- that gift of noticing the beauty all around- made for a very nice day at work too, by the way 😉

I have only seriously been practicing mindfulness meditation since last summer. I can say that this has been the best thing for me, a woman with decades of baggage and shame and issues. It is opening me up to see the beauty of the world around me. It is helping me to be kinder to myself and others. It is showing me how to be calm, not anxious or depressed. It helps get me back to my natural state, which is peace and connectedness with the world around me.

Thank you Eckhart! Thank you Katie! Thank you Lord! Thank you Nature! Thank you Universe! 🙂

xo, Lisa Arcelia

Thank you for reading!

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Author: Lisa Arcelia

I love showing how to find real happiness and inner peace in this busy and challenging world :)

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation and an Unexpected Early Morning Blessing”

  1. Such a nice post. I could picture your commute to work, all the birds, goat,and donkey while I reading. Such a peaceful Morning. I can never sit and be calm.:) good for you. God bless you!

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