How to Find Inner Peace Even When You’re Cleaning the Bathroom :)

There are so many opportunities to find inner peace each day You just have to look for them

I have a long and colorful history of negativity.  Learning how to be present and not project into the future or dwell in the past is something I have to work on continually. One of the things I love to do is turn Chore Time into Spiritual Time. There are 3 things I do regularly that really help me find my inner peace:

1. I listen to spiritual podcasts when I am on the elliptical machine at the gym.

This gives me a dedicated block of time that feeds my soul. I listen to The Work of Byron Kate as well as Joel Osteen. (Both are free on Itunes.)

There is something to be said about the endorphin rush you get when you exercise- and how this can really fuel what you’re listening to. I have been lifted up out of the depths of despair doing this, especially last spring when my husband lost his job. Last spring, hearing Joel Osteen’s powerfully positive and uplifting messages regularly really help carry me through that very hard and scary time! 😀

2. I listen to my favorite spiritual audio CDs on my commute to work in the morning.

Early morning is such a beautiful time of day.  I just love taking in all the sights of the seasons. It is so ripe and full of potential, and I love noticing all the little details about the trees and the road and the sky, etc. The stillness and peace of the early morning is like a warm hug that makes everything feel ok- as long as I don’t ruin it with my thoughts that is! 😉

Listening to my favorite authors while I drive into work helps me stay focused on the present and not project dreadfully into the future. This helps me particularly on mornings when I feel stuck in a worried pattern or feel nervous. My go-to favorite to help me focus and feel good is The Power of Now.

3. I listen to Byron Katie’s Conversations on YouTube every weekend while I’m cleaning my bathrooms.

These little things may not seem like much but they can be really helpful both on the spot- -to get a soothing dose of inner peace- as well as for helping me understand spiritual concepts that I really want to learn.

 On the spot.

Last Saturday I woke up today feeling just horrible- my thoughts were running all sorts of old stories that hurt my self esteem and make me feel less than. Stuff about feeling I don’t fit in and not having enough friends…

I was doing my usual weekend housecleaning knew I would soon be doing the bathrooms and listening to Byron Katie on YouTube (her “Conversations” are excellent- just Google Byron Katie Conversations to find them). And I knew without question that I would soon be feeling better.

And I did… All I can say is WOW- message received! By listening to the video and relating to what I heard, I could understand so clearly how I was believing all my stressful thoughts  and making myself feel lonely and miserable. In less time than it took to mop the floor, I had freed myself from my pain, and was finally at peace. My mental suffering ended then and there. 🙂

(Even when I fall out of the practice of doing Judge Your Neighbor worksheets, which is the recommended way to do The Work, listening to Katie on YouTube helps so much. I highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering. Her videos just rock! 😀 )

To learn spiritual concepts.

I absolutely love The Power of Now and have had the book for years. When I first read it, it was too much-  I couldn’t understand it. I knew it was important and could help me, but it was like reading a foreign language. Listening to the book on Audio CD was a better way for me to receive the information and really “Get it”.

For example, learning to Watch My Thoughts and be their witness was something I was only able to do after listening to the book several times. With repeated listening, I could go into the practice more deeply and stay there longer.

This was also the case with Byron Katie’s book A Thousand Names for Joy. This book teaches how to find joy and bliss just by being alive and existing! …And I find the more I listen to spiritual books I love, the more I gain from them.  I have been listening to these wonderful books on my commute for almost 2 years now. There is just so much wisdom there! 😀

The peace of the early morning is like a warm hug that makes everything feel ok

Also, what a difference this makes in setting me up for a more balanced and peaceful day! Listening to spiritual audio books on my commute helps every day to feel like a wonderful new beginning, and not just another day in the rat race 🙂

Taking the time to listen to the wisdom of great spiritual teachers is a sure fire way to find inner peace. Whether you steal a few minutes on your commute, or while you’re at the gym, or even cleaning the toilets like me, it doesn’t matter. You are opening yourself up to receive the things you need to hear for your own spiritual and emotional growth and healing.

The simple practice of turning Chore Time into Spiritual Learning Time really helps keep me feel connected to others and balanced. 🙂

There are so many opportunities to find little glimpses of inner peace every day. You just have to look for them. I hope this inspires you to make the most of some of your chore time or commute time by turning it into spiritual time 🙂

xo, Lisa Arcelia

Thank you for reading!

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Author: Lisa Arcelia

I love showing how to find real happiness and inner peace in this busy and challenging world :)

2 thoughts on “How to Find Inner Peace Even When You’re Cleaning the Bathroom :)”

  1. I’ve had The Power of Now on my TBR list for.ever. I try it over and over again and can’t get into the book… maybe it’s time to try the audiobook! Thanks for the idea, and great post! So many good opportunities to feel good.

    1. Hi Jackie! Your comment was in my spam queue, not sure how that happened! Yes, I highly recommend the Power of Now on audiobook. I know you are into meditation and finding your inner peace. This book is just astounding in my opinion- yet I couldn’t understand it until I listened to it! 🙂

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