Staying Positive during my husband’s Crohn’s flare up

When we long for life without difficulties remind us that oaks grow strong

I woke up today with a feeling of dread and everything seemed bleak. My husband is in a pretty severe flare up of his Crohn’s disease. A few days ago he had a partial bowel obstruction that almost landed him in the hospital. He continues to have a lot of pain and exhaustion.

Living with a spouse that has chronic illness is challenging to be sure. It is hard to stand by and feel so helpless when someone you love is suffering and in pain. Sometimes I get tired and weary from the stress and worry. Which is why it is even more important for me to take really good care of myself. I need to be there for my husband and son, and can’t do that if I let myself get down.

Our son is home for spring break and I want out house to be as normal as possible for him and all of us, despite the fact that Dad isn’t feeling well.

So my goal for today is to get my spirits up and do the best I can to just have a “normal” day…

This morning once I realized how crappy I was feeling, I got my cushion and sat in the living room for about 10 minutes of meditation and slow, deep breathing. It took probably 8 minutes for me to calm down and feel peaceful.

After that I got Buddy and took him out for an early morning walk. He’s a German Shepherd and needs exercise. With my husband sick, I know I have to get the dog out, or else he gets really whiny and irritating. The walk was as good for me as it was for Buddy 🙂  Getting out and feeling the early morning air and seeing the birds and just getting moving felt really good.

Oh, and then I went to a Pilates class at 10 am. It felt good to work my core. That is one of the best things for my lower back.

Now I am making a ham with some nice fixings for our Sunday dinner. I invited my mother-in-law over to join us.

I am doing my best to stay busy and positive. I know that This Too Shall Pass.

Also what is helping me a lot today is listening to Byron Katie videos on YouTube while I prep my food and cook in the kitchen. Love me some Byron Katie, she helps me so much!

So very grateful to have tools like meditation, exercise, Byron Katie, and my dog to help me stay positive when I feel down 🙂

This day is turning out to be quite lovely. The sun is out and the house smells so nice with the ham cooking in the oven 🙂 I am glad I am treating myself to the things that help me feel better today.


Well, the dinner came out nice. Bob couldn’t eat much, and he is sleeping on the couch now.  It was nice to have my mother-in-law over, and my son was happy too. And Buddy enjoyed the ham more than anyone. He is one lucky dog, as his mama gives him table scraps 😀

Time to rest and enjoy the start of the evening…

Wishing you well,

Lisa Arcelia xo

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