A little better than yesterday

Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change Jim Rohn

Bob and I still aren’t completely back on track after our weekend fight and 3 days of not speaking to each other, but damn if  the air in this house doesn’t feel so much lighter after me reaching out with a just few texts and being kind.

It takes a bit of effort to restore relationship equilibrium after we have a huge fight.

And while it’s really uncharacteristic of my husband to apologize, it is up to me to not take that personally and try to restore peace in my life.

If I want to have peace, I have to be peaceful. 

Honestly it just feels so much better when I am nice. I literally spent years actively arguing with him and letting things brew and not addressing issues and letting old hurts fester. Let me tell you, being mean like that becomes automatic when you do it enough, and it lets off a ton of negative mental energy. It is corrosive and harmful to me and everyone in my space.

We had words. Words hurt. I know I didn’t mean what I said in the heat of the moment, and neither did he.

I know his feelings are still hurt because he’s being very reserved with me and quiet. And that’s ok. I can give it time.

I am sitting in a better space today and letting the air clear. And doing my best to stay focused on being kind and being at peace.
be the peace you wish to see always make your inner peace a priority

Lisa Arcelia

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