Present Moment Awareness Brings Inner Calm

present moment awareness brings inner calm

I have lost touch with the present moment and therefore have no inner calm. Here is a short worksheet doing The Work (mentioned in my last post) on one of my stressful thoughts…

I perceive the outside world as hostile and that makes me anxious.

Is it true?


Can you absolutely know that it’s true that the outside world is hostile?


How do you react when you believe the outside world is hostile?

Unprepared, like I have to cover up, small, exposed, vulnerable…

And who would you be without the thought?

Happy, calm.  At peace.


The outside world is kind.

People are kind, nature is kind,

My thinking is hostile.

Yes! My thinking about the outside world is hostile. It plays over and over how I am different or how someone or something is to be feared. It keeps me separate and isolated from really connecting with others and the world itself.

When my thinking is aligned with the present moment, without all those mind-made stories and thoughts attached to it, I achieve an inner calm. I am free from the burden of  my mind.

Reality is kind indeed 🙂

Thank you Lord.

Lisa Arcelia xox

Thank you for reading!

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