Need Stress Relief? Here are 10 Mindful Tips to Lighten Your Burden

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I had so much fun on the earlier post I did about tips to relieve stress, I decided to do another one today.

Got stress? See if you can use one or more of these simple mindfulness tips today.  Don’t worry, none of these tips are difficult, and all are aimed to help you feel better fast 😉  When you fill your mind with positivity & goodness, your outlook tends to get brighter, and your day can really lighten up.

It can be especially helpful to use these suggestions when you feel agitated, over-stressed, or overwhelmed. So let’s get going! 😉 Ok then, without further ado, here are…

10 Mindful Stress Relief Tips

1. Practice a simple loving kindness meditation on the spot. See who is the first person to pop up in your mind and whether a friend or loved one, or even a random person or someone you don’t care for, dedicate the following prayer to them.

With slow conscious breathing, and with the person in your mind’s eye, offer up this simple prayer:

May you be happy
May you have ease of well-being
May you be free from suffering
May you have peace

2. Instead of music, listen to a motivational podcast on your jog, or walk, or while on the treadmill. My current favorites are The Work of Byron Katie and The Daily Boost. This is not only a great way to supercharge your workout by engaging your mind, you also carry the uplifting message around with you all day. It really feels good.

3. Make one singular healthy choice in your diet this week. Cut out all carbonated drinks for example, and only drink water. Or, get yourself to the fresh food section of your grocery store and have a fresh salad once a day. Or, if you tend to snack and eat mindlessly while you watch television at night, commit to not eating say after 7 pm.  Choose something that may be a little challenging, but not too difficult. Continue the healthy habit for the rest of the week.

4. Cultivate gratitude. Go through the alphabet from A to Z and think of something you can be grateful for with each letter. You can just mentally recite the list in your head, or you can write it in a gratitude journal.  An A to Z gratitude list can take some serious creativity but the few minutes will be well worth it.  A -I am thankful for Aruba. It’s such a lovely little island and I have had so many happy times there with my family. B – I am grateful for my husband Bob, even though he’s a royal pain in the ass at times, C – I am grateful for cats, and my 2 little kitties who are now in heaven, Tinker and Cutie, brought me so much happiness and joy…. etc..

5. Give someone the gift of your presence. Really listen to what they say instead of just thinking of what you will say next. I try to do this with my son, especially when I notice that I want to lecture him or give him my motherly opinion. When I can just sit there and be present for him, then I am really listening and that to me is high quality communication.

if you love someone the greatest gift you can give them is your presence

6.  Take a 10 minute break this afternoon and enjoy a fresh apple or a cup of herbal tea.  Brew the tea while being mindful, or wash the apple in mindfulness. Now  savor every bite of the apple or every sip of the tea. This is such a delightful thing to do!

7. Gaze outside for a minute or two and be silent in nature. If you can’t get outside, look out a window. Be still and just look. Look at our natural world, our the beautiful earth. Don’t label or think about what you see, just look around. Be the silent watcher. Feel the peace of nature.

8. Send loving thoughts and thoughts of strength and healing to someone you know today that’s suffering. We all know too many people who are going through trying situations. Sending positive thoughts is not only kind, it will actually help them. So focus your best energy towards your suffering friend and give it all you got.

9. Have a few moments of general appreciation and gratitude today for someone who loved you in your life. I have been doing this recently during my morning meditation. Specifically I have been thinking about my deceased grandparents who loved me without judgment when I was young and vulnerable and often felt unworthy. They were true blessing in my life, and the warmth I feel when I remember them is really special.

10. For the next 24 hours, resist the urge to think or speak negatively of anyone you disagree with. Just let them be and wish them kindness. This is tough for me because I am a bit of a bitch and still cling to old patterns of seeing myself as a victim or being outraged and irritated when I disagree strongly with someone, but man when I can let theother person be in my mind, does it ever put me in a nice peaceful place.  It instantly turns me from sour to kind, and it feels great to boot.


I hope you will put one or more of these mindful stress relief tips into practice. They will surely lighten your load and help you feel better today.

xox, Lisa Arcelia

Thank you for reading!

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