Happy new year :-)

grateful for this day

Today is New Year’s Day and I had planned on starting the new year with a good workout at the gym. But that’s not what happened.

When the phone rang at 7am I had just showered and was just about to fall back asleep. I am on call for my job in the recovery room this weekend. I had to get to the hospital stat as a patient was bleeding internally.

The operation was very involved and took several hours, but it was a success. At one point we didn’t think the man was going to live. Although the surgeon had found and sutured the ruptured vessel, the patient had lost too much and his body started shutting down.

His oxygen saturation was very low, and I watched his skin turn deathly purple blue. I quickly got the crash cart and got ready to start the code. As I drew up the epinephrine, miraculously he started to turn around. Somehow his body just started to right itself. Once he he stated to pink up, everyone in the room breathed a collective sigh of relief. It was still touch and go for about an hour, but we knew he had turned around.

Eventually we brought the patient up to the ICU where he would rest and recover for the next few days. After getting him stabilized in his room and giving report to his nurses, I was free to go. As I was leaving the ICU I saw the man’s wife talking to the anesthesiologist. I remembered giving her a quick hug earlier that morning as I ran into the OR.  I remember she told me how she and her husband just retired and still have so many plans..

I drove home exhausted and in silence sipping my morning cup of coffee, even though it was now after noon.

I felt a deep sense of peace and gratitude for being alive and for being of service. And for the gift of this day. When I got home I crawled back into my unmade bed and slept.

Wishing you a day of peace,

Thank you for reading!

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